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Manager, Sebastian,made it work even though it was more than 24hrs reporting issue. Super happy!!! Will buy there in future!!! Jane S. Bluetooth earbuds bought last week failed to pair after initial set up and sound quality very poor. When I told salesman who sold me the product of these problems, he asked how I would know quality was poor if set wouldn't pair, then said that he remembered I didn't want to pay very much.

Store will exchange for another set of the very limited selection they carried but refused to give store credit. I donated the defective product back to them rather than prolong business dealings with them.

Visions electronics can still give you that black Friday deal.

This behaviour is unbecoming of a branch that I put my money and my trust in. I will no longer be giving this company my business because of this situation and how it was NOT handled. Worst place to buy electronics. When you walk inside you are attacked by sleasy salesmen who just wont leave you alone. Even if I say just looking 2 minutes after another one will come by and attack me.

Anyhow I came in to buy a 65inch TV and Thomas was helping me Their Genereal Manager he was very nice at first smiling and shaking my hand when he found out i need a TV. I wanted to buy a TV in the flier but he tried to upsell me right away to a more expensive TV. I told him i specifcly want th. Business Reply June 7, Hello, I read your review on Yellow pages. Regardless, I would be more than happy to assist you, help you get an excellent deal on the TV you wish, to make up for the negative experience you had at our South Vancouver store.

Please let me know if there is anything I can assist you with, Have a nice day!

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I wanted to show the physical process that one goes through while doing fieldwork in a big city. I did this walk hundreds of times and for me, it has been the most defining moment of any fieldwork day. Anti-deportation protesters highlighted that the situation in Iraq is extremely dangerous and they are in dire need of protection.

Whereas a handful of protesting asylum-seekers could stay in Sweden, many were forced to flee or deported back to Iraq to unlivable circumstances. As I research the politics of gender within emerging solidarities, I frequently need to double-check if I am prioritizing gender in places where it is not the primary organizers of relations. But this film is about the right to move and to stay. In the midst of celebrating the title in Hull in , I wanted to know whether these celebrations of the city will leave a lasting effect. At some point confetti is touching the ground; where will it land?

I invite further explorations by combining oral as well as bodily forms of expression.

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In the form of a community dance project, Hull-based dance artist Tamar Draper guided a group of residents in their expressions through movement and dance. An audio-visual essay that explores feminist practices and discourses in contemporary Spanish documentary films. Both documentary films are case studies of my research. The film is inspired by videos presenting research projects and their outcomes on social media. The film starts in space and moves closer to my human body.

The film seeks to make my research project on menstrual app more accessible to a general not exclusively academic audience. It combines interviews with the actress and artistic director with selected scenes from a performance in Oviedo, Spain.

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No Es Pais Para Negras has been described as a self-referential play that attempts to create a space for the Afrodescendant community in the arts and to make visible and voice the experiences of racism and marginalization of Afro-Spaniards through theatre. These visions intertwine the experience of mobility in Northern Europe and that of the research work on the subject of the Syrian uprising memory. The context of the video is Europe.

Border Television in-vision continuity - Boxing Day 1986

It is also influenced by the research subject: memory of the Syrian uprising and war in the Syrian-European diaspora. The ghost is a recurrent figure in Syrian poets, visual and fine artists from the diaspora in Europe.